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I’m not sure what is going on today but it seems like everyone is in a rush all the time. It saddens me to witness recently a crash while dropping my son off a school because a father could not wait 5 extra minutes for a mother to pull out before he slammed into her car with children still on board. The loud bang of two cars colliding sickens me and I just can’t understand why people can’t wait that extra few minutes to ensure the safety of our children. But thus this is the world we live in today so unfortunately the one thing as a
parent-to-be we cannot skimp on is a decent baby car seats.

As we all know you can not leave a hospital with your newborn without a baby seat being installed in your car. So after the purchase of the cot this was the next item on our shopping list. Fortunately for me my husband was a strong advocate of buying the best possible safest baby car seat that was available at the time. Mainly because his wife was such a bad driver, he had to make sure his son was going to be as safe as possible given the driving ability of his wife poor thing! He did his research and there was so many out there it was quite daunting. However, luckily as an engineer research was a part of his DNA.
Also, talking to recent mothers I have been able to put together some suggestions which hopefully will help in making your decision when purchasing a car seat easier.

There are two options you need to consider when looking at buying a baby car seats. The first option is a baby car seat that can be detached from the car and attached on to a pram. This option is great for mothers who are constantly on the move. You can simply unlock the baby seat from the car and carry your baby out undisturbed. Great for babies that get upset if their sleep is disturbed. Two brands that do great baby seats that allows you to use as a baby carrier are Maxi Cosi and Chicco.


Maxi. Cosi Titan
Maxi. Cosi Titan

The Maxi Cosi is probably one of the most popular brand that allows you this option. The main advantage of buying a Maxi Cosi is that you can attached this baby carrier to a number of different prams by simply purchasing an attachment for that pram. This means you do not have to purchase a Maxi Cosi pram if you do not wish to. I find this flexibility a bonus and it is also one of the safer brands of baby car seats currently available. Having a few friends using this brand and not having any issues with it gives me confidence in recommending it.


Sold as a carrier and pram set
Sold as a carrier and pram set

The other brand that I am recommending is Chicco only because I do love their products. I have their baby walker and I must say compared to my first walker, the Chicco one was a lot more sturdy and the toy Tray was much more high tech than my previous one which my son loved! Overall the quality of the walker was of much higher standard and so I am confident that their baby seat and pram will be along the same lines as all their other products. And afterall I am a sucker for products that not only does the job but looks good too.

Now the second option is simply purchasing a baby seat that is fitted securely into your car. This is the option I chose as I am only about 5 foot and carrying a carrier around would have been a struggle for me given my height and size. After looking at numerous brands I settled on the Safe and Sound mainly because of their high safety ratings. I just love this brand as there is quite a lot of cushioning around baby, particularly around his head area that you do not find on some other brands. Now, Safe and Sound isn’t cheap and their unique AHR (Active Head Restraint) technology is the main reason my hubby preferred this brand over many others. We found this was worth the extra dollars for to give our precious one the best protection. And we have been able to reuse the same seat for our second son without any problems.

Safe n Sound

Safe n Sound AHR  Booster
Safe n Sound AHR Booster


Infa Secure Luxi
Infa Secure Luxi

The other brands that some of my friends have chosen and recommended to me is the Infa brand. The baby seat is very similar to the Safe n Sound with quite a lot if cushioning for baby’s safety and like all Infa products the design is very fashion forward. The other bonus is it is designed in Australia and meets all the strict Australian standards which is very high as child road safety is paramount in Australian government regulations. Hey where else in the world do you get fined $600 for any child that is not properly restrained in a car!

Hope this post helps when you are deciding which baby car seat is best for you and your precious child.

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