Pregnancy Fashion

Just because your pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look good. Rather than taking a leaf out of Britney Spears pregnancy fashion nightmare instead draw some inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge and Olivia Wilde. One rule of thumb when buying maternity clothes try to buy clothes that we can also wear post pregnancy, that way after you have your baby these clothes are not simply discarded. When looking for maternity clothes I tend to go for ones that will allow me to breast feed easily so that I can continue to get some use out of my maternity clothes long after the bump is gone. I was lucky enough to experience two totally different seasons for each of my pregnancy. My first born was during the summer months when I was the most heaviest. Summer is tough for a heavily pregnant woman and even tougher finding comfortable clothes that look good as well. But I managed to come across so wonderful brands that make clothes that will work for the long hot summer months!

The Cot

This is probably one of the first item we all purchase prior to our first born. I have included a selection of popular brands from the cheapest to the more luxury cots currently available. Bearing in mind for those who want to go for the high end cots may have to think twice if their bubs are anything like my two kids who probably ended up sleeping in their cots about 10% of the time. Thankfully I refrained from going for the high end brands which may have looked good in the nursery but probably wouldn’t have got me much value for money.



IKEA always does good affordable furniture that is practical and looks great. The advantage with this cot is at $249 it allows you to spend a bit more on a good quality mattress for the baby which I believe is more important for the baby’s comfort. Always try to invest in a good quality mattress for your little one as this is essential for their comfortability, considering how much time they will spend sleeping on it.




Ever the practical mother I ended up choosing the Grotime cot for my bubs. It converts to a bed later on when they get older and at around $700 comes in as the middle of the range cot. I have also included the Boori cot which is similar and I have heard good reviews with the Boori brand as well.




For those lucky enough to afford the more luxury cots these two brands come highly recommended. They look great with the curved european design and will make any nursery look posh and expensive. Personally however if I had to choose between the two although very similar I would lean more towards the Bloom as there is more air ventilation with this cot then the Leander which may help with reducing SIDS.

Hopefully this post with help in your decision in choosing the right cot for your precious one and really at the end of the day comes down to preference as all will do the job. Good luck with the purchase and next up we will look at baby car seats!

Preparing For Bub’s Arrival

You’ve been pregnant for what might seem like an eternity but the due date has almost arrived and it is time you need to start thinking about the essential items bubs will need when they are here. Usually in Asian culture we try not to buy anything for the new baby until you are well over your 6 months stage. Some may call it superstitious, while others may think its just smart planning but from a medical point of view after 6 months the risk of miscarriage drops dramatically and baby is well formed by this stage. My husband was a strict advocate of not buying anything for anyone until they have given birth because he didn’t want to jinx them. Which in a way makes sense coz I know I couldn’t face looking at these items if I had just lost a baby. So when it came to our first child he stuck to this belief and refused to let me buy anything until I was nearly 7 months pregnant. So I was stuck with 7 long months pouring over magazines and websites researching what I could buy. This gave me time to research and talk to other mothers prior to my purchases. So now I am able to share a lists of the Esstential items you will need from birth. I tried to stick to just the essentials and refrained from buying everything until you need it otherwise you will end up with bits and pieces that honestly you may never use..

Hi there everyone!!!  Recent tragic events where a baby lost its life in the hands of his dad (he was only 27 days old) has given me the incentive I need to get this blog site up and running.  I have been meaning to start a mummy blog that covers everything from being a mum to also embracing the fact that all mums are also strong woman.  Why do we need to be tied down to the household simply because we become mums.  Just think some of the most successful women today are mums.  JK Rowlings probably one of the most successful single mums on this planet is my inspiration.  I recently watched her life story and it was simply inspiring it gives me heart that if you really want to achieve anything you can “Just do it”. JK Rowlings


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