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imageWhite Ribbon November 25

I thought I would write a quick post to get behind Women Against Violence. I recently read Wendys Lookbook blog ( for those who love fashion check out her blog she has great taste). However, aside from her array of fashion styles that I just absolutely love she recently shared a terrifying experience which happen to her. If you have a chance please read her blog as this could pretty much happen to any women at any time which is quite frightening as one decision can affect your whole safety and possibly your life. It really hit home as everyone in Australia will know what happen to Jill
Meagher that fateful night where a monster took the life of a beautiful young woman on her way home from a party. A circumstance not that much different from Wendy’s experience. However, unlike Wendy Jill was not lucky enough to escape and ended up losing her life. So I wanted to write this post to warn all my ladies out there, regardless of which situation you find yourself in consider your safety as paramount and if that means having to leave a party late at night tagging along with a couple than do it! Don’t leave yourself open to monsters that are sadly out there and waiting for us to let our guards down just even that one time. Also, as part of the Violence Against Women Campaign I hope women who had ever been subjected to any form of physically violence to speak up and get help, you shouldn’t have to accept any forms of violence and there are people out there that can help you deal with these situations they just need you to let them know!

Finally I urge people to get behind the White Ribbon campaign on November 25th in support of Violence Against Women!

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